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New Ownership - Same Repairmen, Quality, and Craftsmenship

We are proud that our key Employees became the new owners of Balloon Repairs of East Texas with the announcement of Guy Gauthier's retirement in January 2015. Joe and Lynn Paddie are now the new owners, with management staying the same. Guy continues to stay on board for techincal advise and support. Guy also continues to work hard to make sure that B.R.E.T. meet all FAA standards, regulations and approvals.

What We Do At BRET

Our repair personnel are all FAA certified repairmen, ready and able to handle all repair needs of balloonists. Some annual inspection can be completed in one day (with previous arrangement). Our personel have attended factory schools for all themajor brands of hot air balloons.

We have a full time British Balloon and Airship Club inspector on staff, and can handle both Special Shapes and standard balloons of US and British registry.

When you're ready to go beyond the everyday ballooning experience and push your skills to the limit, we can help make that happen.

Check out the Video below that was done by:

Richard Signorella
Media Production & Communications Specialist


Once the Video begins.....Remember to click on the large screen to experience the full enjoyment !


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